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Have Too Much? Feel Cluttered? This is What We Do.


Based out of Warwick, Rhode Island, Seaside Junk Haulers & Movers, LLC is a full service junk removal company that was established in 2012.  Our service provides all types of clean outs for both commercial and residential properties.  The whole process is quite simple too, show us what you want removed, we will then do all of the loading into our equipment and haul it away. 

We Are Your Dumpster Alternative

No need for you to rent a dumpster, do all of the work, and have that big thing sit in your driveway for possibly weeks.  We do all of the lifting and loading for you and we have over 25 cubic yards of space between our truck and trailer.

Household Junk - Mattresses, couch, TV, etc.

Call the Real Junk Pros!

Don't make the mistake of calling a franchise junk company, they can be inexperienced and overpriced.  Being a local company, we are fairly priced, professional, and have the equipment to get the job done.  Don't forget that we can haul away over 25 cubic yards of junk in one trip.

What We Can Take:

Furniture, Mattresses, TV's, Computers, Trash, Construction Debris, Hot Tubs, Pianos, Swing Sets, Pools, Brush, Bricks, Concrete, Rocks, Wood, and more.                                                       

* No Hazardous Materials

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Butch - Woonsocket, RI

"I used Seaside last week to clean out an apartment in a High rise apartment. They were very punctual, courteous, and they went above and beyond to get the job done. They even accommodated delivering a couple of pieces to another location. I highly recommend them and will use them in the future."

Daniel - Warwick, RI

"All of the stuff, junk, and debris was piled up, moved out in an extremely efficient manner. Steve, Fernando, and Jose all were very professional. Definitely recommend them doing any sort of hauling. They did a very very good job."

Dave - Warwick, RI

"If your need a professional in any hauling Seaside is the company with that MAGIC WAND!!!! and if their were a hall of fame award tha t company would rate among the finest. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Too professional and that very rare in a company thanks, Mr Saucier & crew."

George - Warwick, RI

"I needed a warehouse cleaned out and we needed to remove some cubicles and trash. I had Seaside Junk Haulers do the haul. I'm using them again in the near future. They really did a great job and I highly recommend them."

Tom - Pawtucket, RI

"I need to get rid of a couch, 4-piece sectional sofa, headboard, treadmill, couple of bicycles, 2 outdoor grills and rugs. I'm glad I called those guys. It was a great help and they did a fantastic job."

Carina - Cranston, RI

"The team at Seaside junk were excellent! I texted pictures of what i needed removed in Cranston RI and received a fast quote within 10 minutes. "The price was awesome and the staff was beyond friendly. Felt like family helping me out but even better because the were very cautious with their surroundings to not damage anything in my house! I recommend them a thousand times over...thanks guys! "